«My city» is a taxi service created on the basis of the largest official taxi company in Siberia, founded in 2006.

Our project guarantees Yandex.Taxi, Uber and other aggregators to increase the number of completed orders and overall customer satisfaction from the service provided.

10024 Kilometers

passed by cars of the company "My City"

3540 transported 

performed by the company "My City"

Our company overview

The business model is tweaked 12-year-old practice of existing business

Throughout the work, the company shows steady growth and consistently makes a profit 

Created a business in the field of taxi-transportation

2006 year

Released on the line of the first 50 cars

2007 year

We created a brand that has become recognizable and embodies the quality - "My City"

2008 year

Survived the crisis, optimized the model

2009 year

One of the first in the region created a mobile application "My City"

2010 year

150 cars were already working on the line

2011 year

Taxi fleet increased to 300+ cars

2011-2018 year

Today, the company "My City" is:

A strong management team, which daily for 12 years engaged in real business and systematically earns on it 

Own repair facility, ensuring required constant repair and accessories for fleet cars

Availability of its infrastructure of more than 2 000 square meters for the project:
  • - Dispatching service
  • - Own "streaming" car wash
  • - Service station of cars
  • - Medical office
  • - Cafe and drivers' rest room
Low level of accident rate of the fleet, which directly affects the profitability. This was made possible thanks to the unique solutions for the selection of our drivers

Relevance of the business model

The relevance is confirmed by the constant increase in the capitalization of the company "My City" and the stable growth of the taxi market

In 2018, the total volume of taxi traffic in Russia amounted to
575 billion rubles
Of these, 32% of orders accounted for online aggregators, which is 184 billion rubles.

Share of online aggregators from
the total volume of taxi transportation


By 2022, according to UBS forecast, the volume of the entire market will grow to 1,231 trillion rubles

At the same time, the share of orders of online aggregators will grow from 32 to 85%, which will be 1,006 trillion rubles.


The purpose of the IEO is to collect investments to create the largest
regional taxi company by expanding the fleet. The project has
been launched, and 15 cars are already on the line at the moment.

Blockchain in the project acts as the basis of processes between investors and founders of the project

The blockchain technology allows you to track online movement of fixed assets -  company's cars. All financial transactions will be confirmed and recorded in the company's financial statements showing the current economic situation.

Invest in the project My City

I stage of development of the project

The Yandex.Taxi company in the regions can't execute the order of 10% of all orders that are being received.

The first stage will be to obtain a share of 10% of all orders missed by Yandex.Taxi in the regions where the company operates

First 2 years can provide growth even without competition, simply fulfilling orders that remain outside the field of aggregators

We will reduce the share of unaccepted orders of the current taxi company "My city", which is about 20% today

Waiting time in the "peak" hours reaches 40 minutes despite the fact that the cost of taxi services "My City" above the main aggregators on 30-40%

15% before realization of the project

1% after realization of the project

The decline in the proportion of missed orders by Yandex.Taxi

II stage of development of the project 

Yandex.Taxi allows for the operation of cars older than 10-15 years to cover the need for cars

The share of such vehicles in the regions of presence of "My City" is currently up to 30%

Due to this, the number of cars older than 10-15 years 
in a short time will decrease from 30 to 8%,
and the vacated share will be taken by the cars of "My City".

Thus, at the second stage of the project's development, the share of My City will be up to 22% of the aggregators' market.

Before realization of the project
After realization
of the project

The mission of the project «My City»:

Consumers will get higher class cars and reduce waiting time

Aggregators will receive a strong regional partner and a reduced percentage of outstanding orders

The state will receive a transparent market and reduce the accident caused by unskilled drivers

The road map of the project "My city"

Bought the first 15 cars.
Modeling of the theoretical base for conducting IEO;

3, 4 quarter  2018

Preparing for an IEO;

1 quarter  2019

Conduction of IEO;

2 quarter  2019

1 quarter  2020

Entering the market of Omsk.

4 quarter  2019

Purchase of the first 500 cars with the launch on the lines of Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk

3 quarter  2019

Listing on the exchange BitForex

Programme of IEO

  • The price of a token MYCT:
    0,14 $
  • Amount of required investment:
    7 275 000 $
  • Minimum purchase amount (Private):
    500,00 $
  • Minimum purchase amount (Sale):
    50,00 $
  • Total number of tokens:
    100 000 000 MYCT
Token sale will start through:
Buy tokens

All resulting profits the company will direct to the purchase of new
cars, thereby increasing the capitalization of the company

The token rate is tied to the company's financial assessment, which is formed on the basis of check of regular audits

In the valuation of the company involved:

Value of tangible assets


Value of buildings and structures

Thus, the security of the actual value of the token is defined as the value of the company, reduced to the number of issued tokens at the time of evaluation

A map of the distribution of funds

Bounty (Airdrop)
Project management and financing

Every quarter investors receive an extended report on the work done

In accordance with the schedule prescribed in the road map

Quarterly detailed reports
on the distribution
of investments

Monthly detailed reports
on the market

Conclusions and description
of situations

Forecasting market

Quarterly report on the work of the company “My City”

Report on allocation of investment:
Monthly detailed reports on the market and Forecasting market movements:
Conclusions and description of situations:
What is happening at the moment in the company:
For example:
. We bought another 20 cars.
. Carried the first 10 000 passengers
. We made a deal with a key aggregator of the city


Rasdaybeda Igor

Co-founder, CBDO (Chief Business Development Officer)
He has many years of experience in the management of financial organizations, companies of technological and industrial areas.

Sisoykov Alexandr

Co-founder, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
The experience of service in law enforcement is more than 20 years.

Kotov Pavel

Co-founder, CSO (Chief Security Officer)
He has many years of experience in management work in the field of road transport and engineering



CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Knowledge of laws and operations in the financial markets, negotiating, presentations, conferences

Key skills
  • Certificates: FSFR 1.0, FSFR 2.0, FSFR 5.0
  • Experience of work:
    • Barclays Bank
    • Opening and development of office in Costa Rica AML PLS
    • Fibo Group dates
    • Since 2017 - to present - entrepreneur, co-founder ico-factory.com


CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Excellent knowledge of the international marketing, negotiating, business conferences.

Key skills
  • Experience of work:
    • More than 8 years of experience in marketing. Founder of the Russian company Smart Kit. Successful promotion of projects in the field of digital technologies and the real sector. Work with international tender projects in the economic sector and industrial production sector.
    • C 2017-present entrepreneur and co-founder ico-factory.com


CTO (Chief Technical Officer) technical director

Project support and business negotiations on its promotion in the media. Creation of business reputation in the network. Preparation of analytical and reporting materials.

Key skills
  • Teams member:
    • Garage, Roxbury, ASG, Seline, ICO factory, Appnow
  • Experience of work:
    • Create logic marketing company to promote projects. Preparation for project listing. Preparation and holding of ICO/IEO.


CAO (Chief Analytics Officer) Project analyst

Experienced analyst in a successful company. Extensive experience with client databases, found many positive aspects in the work associated with cryptocurrency that allow you to implement your own ideas.

Key skills
  • Experience of work:
    • ООО "Three"
    • Klooway Technologies (Investment consultant (ICO), analyst)


CHRO (chief human resources officer ) the head of service of the staff

Easily find common language even with the most difficult clients. Proper preparation of the financial statements. Successful negotiations with partners.

Key skills
  • Experience of work:
    • Consultant plus (Elcode)
    • GenBioLab (the position of Director of strategic development)
    • ООО Regioninvestbank (position: assistant manager)
    • 2 years of experience in management positions (Financial Manager, Director of strategic development).


CAO (Chief Accounting Officer) — chief accountant

Management and control of the material base of the enterprise. Financial models, business plans, investment presentations, financial Analytics, business automation, cost optimization, financial planning, building business processes, management through KPI.

Key skills
  • Education:
    • Voronezh state technical University
    • Russian University of Economics of Plekhanov
  • Experience of work:
    • ООО Leasing center
    • Experience of work with financial reporting planning. Analysis of the financial activities of the enterprise. Successful completion of tax audits.


FS (Financial specialist ) Tokenomika

2 years of successful ICO consulting. Skills in crowdfunding.

Key skills
  • Education:
    • Russian University of Economics of Plekhanov
  • Experience of work:
    • ООО Octagon
    • CC Ivestment fund
    • RusMarketing
    • «Ernst & Young»
  • Experience of work in controlling the economic component of projects. Successful participation and implementation of more than 5 ICO/IEO projects.


CD (Chief Designer )

Finding inspiration in the simplest things, implementing incredible projects. Development of packaging business projects. High level of self-responsibility.

Key skills
  • Education: Samara state University of architecture, design and arts
  • Experience of work: Design studio: "Dmitry Juny studio" Development of design materials for large commercial enterprises.
    Creative approach to all work.


PR ( Europe Service ) PR Service for Europe

Knowledge of the online and offline media market, conducting and evaluating of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, increasing the loyalty of the target audience to the promoted brand. Work with top-end means of brand promotion in the European market.

Key skills
  • Education: Nizhny Novgorod state linguistic University named after N. A. Dobrolyubova
    Faculty: philological
  • Experience of work:
    • ADV Group PRP Agency 2006-2007
    • GVA Sawyer 2007 -2011
    • IPT Group 2010-2016


PR ( Europe Service ) PR for CIS countries

Control of PR-activity at various sites in the CIS countries. Development and testing of new advertising campaigns. An extraordinary approach to drawing up a portrait of enterprises. Drawing up a plan of work with the public. Experience with remote work and publication planning. Work with small and medium-sized businesses promoting their products in the CIS countries.

Key skills
  • Education: Russian state vocational pedagogical University. The staff management of the organization.
  • Experience of work:
    • PR-агентство PRosto


CLO (Chief Legal Officer) — general counsel

Since 2015, he has held the position of Senior legal adviser in the State transport leasing company (the sole shareholder of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation). He defended his thesis under the leadership of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Luxembourg. There is a mentoring experience and a significant number of scientific publications.

Key skills
  • Education: Moscow state Institute of international relations of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Moscow (PhD In law)
  • Experience of work:
    • State transport leasing company (Senior counsel) CJSC "Leasing SREI"


CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Experience with large recognizable brands, leading brand communities. Increase active audience and increase its involvement. Development of advertising strategies and implementation of actions. Work with partners. Successful implementation of smm campaigns for a regional consulting company.

Key skills
  • Education: Tomsk state University
  • Experience of work:
    • Social Craft


PE (Project Engineer)

He combined higher education and work in a large enterprise. He was responsible for the complete repair of ships, led the shops that are involved in the repair. Responsible approach to the position.

Key skills
  • Work with documentation and personnel.
  • Hobby:
    • tuning sports cars.

Project's advisors

Sergey Sevantsyan

International public speaker, investment relations Manager at KryptoPal. ICO project scorer and analyst at Neironix.io. Blockchainer, Market Research Manager at ENVIENTA Open Source Everything. International & Investment Relations manager in DEEX exchange.


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Frequently asked question

My City – taxi service, which aims cooperation with the largest aggregators on the market. It differs from others by having its own fleet, repair and service base, dispatching service,"streaming" car wash, medical office and cafe, as well as constant monitoring of the condition of drivers.

Purchase of a fleet of vehicles, increase of market share in a short time by reducing the volume of orders not accepted by aggregators. Increasing requirements for carriers is considered by the project as an advantage, as it displaces old and unsuitable cars from the market, freeing up a niche for new players.

This is a project of the real sector of the economy. All investments are secured by physical assets. The founders of the business for more than twelve years successfully manage their own taxi fleet in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk.

The blockchain technology allows you to track online movement of fixed assets of the company - cars. All financial transactions will be confirmed and placed in a register reflecting the current economic situation of the company.

3 quarter 2019 year.

To purchase tokens, you must register on the website myctico.io, as well as apply to receive part of the tokens.

MYCT's token sale

Token of the MYCT allows you to acquire the basic means of production – cars.

As an investment product, the MYCT token is a tool for making a profit by selling the token on the exchange at the current rate.

MYCT belongs to the category of utility tokens, ERC 223 on the «Efereum» platform.

As payment for tokens of the MYCT accepted currency “bitcoin” BTC and “Efereum” ETH.

The total token stock is 100 000 000 MYCT.

For successful implementation of the project it is necessary to collect 7 250 000 USD.

Minimum purchase amount (Private) 500,00 $

Minimum purchase amount (Sale) 50,00 $

Expenses for ICO in % of the amount Amount
Project management and financing, (maintaining liquidity on the exchange.) 30,0% 1 500 000 $
Team's reward 11,5% 575 000 $
Bounty (Airdrop) 0,5% 25 000 $
Advisers 2,5% 125 000 $
Remuneration of project partners 0,5% 25 000 $
Total: 2 250 000 $
Expenses for ICO in % of the amount Amount
The distribution of MYCT's tokens MYCT in % of the amount Quantity of
Sale 55,0% 55 000 000 MYCT
Rest: 45,0% 45 000 000 MYCT
Managing project 30,0% 30 000 000 MYCT
Bonuses 10,0% 10 000 000 MYCT
Bounty (Airdrop) 2,5% 2 500 000 MYCT
Advisers 2,5% 2 500 000 MYCT
Total: 100% 100 000 000 MYCT

The funds received from the sale of tokens will be used to implement the business.

Our company prepares for placement on burses, in preference BitForex.

Please, join our Telegram channel, introduce yourself and ask your question! A team member or representative will be happy to help and we can even add your question to the list.

The holding of “Bounty” is planned for some time at the start of the project and while maintaining the news mode.